Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact DR/W MB (800 pc. LOT)


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Brand:  Philips
Spectrum: DR/W_MB
Output: 1.750 umol/s
Power Consumption: 520 W
Efficacy: 3.4 umol/J
Efficacy (50% Dimming): 3.7 umol/J

If you’re looking to maximize your crop growth during the winter months, then natural light alone might not be enough. That’s where Philips LED toplighting comes in. By supplementing your greenhouse with these lights, you can grow your crops with greater predictability and confidence, even on the cloudiest days.

One of the biggest advantages of Philips LED toplighting is that it produces minimal heat radiation. This allows you to manage the light and heat separately, giving you greater control over your grow climate. Additionally, the faster growth cycle enabled by these lights can help ensure that you meet customer orders and delivery deadlines, while also making more efficient use of your grow space.

Compared to traditional HPS lights, LED toplighting can also help you save on energy costs and reduce maintenance expenses. So if you’re serious about maximizing your crop yields and staying ahead of the competition, Philips LED toplighting is the way to go.


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