Finalizing the Sale

When a horticulture item is sold on Secondbloom, we help connect the buyer and seller to make sure the transaction is completed smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know to finalize your sale:

    1. Connect with the Buyer/Seller
      Reach out to the other party as soon as the auction ends to introduce yourself and ensure a positive transaction experience.
    2. Payment & Documentation
      It is expected that buyers will pay for the horticulture item upon the auction’s close. An accurate bill of sale should be created, including the terms of the transaction, and signed by both parties. Check with your local government for bill of sale templates and requirements. Make arrangements for the item to be picked up. If the transaction is remote, the seller should send the signed-over title to the buyer via a courier service with a tracking number once payment is received.
    3. Share your Experience
      Email us a photo of the handoff to share your successful transaction with us.  We would love to hear about your positive experience on Secondbloom.



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