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We are excited to offer our services to help you showcase your horticultural equipment to potential buyers. A great photo gallery and video will ensure that your equipment receives the attention and bids that it deserves.

To capture the best photos of your horticultural equipment, we recommend using Snappr, a professional photography booking platform.  Snappr connects you with pre-vetted photographers who have undergone a portfolio review, equipment check, professional work evaluation, and customer service interview.  Only 5% of applicants are selected to be part of the Snappr network.  We believe that using Snappr will help you showcase your horticultural equipment in the best light possible and lead to a successful sale.  

If you don’t want to use Snappr, our guide will help you with the steps to take to make sure your pictures and video are professional and showcase your equipment in its best light.  

We recommend using even natural lighting and a neutral outdoor backdrop, and avoiding any direct glare or shadows on the equipment. The photos should be taken in landscape orientation, with a minimum resolution of 2400×1600 px, and with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

For video, we recommend showcasing the exterior and interior of the equipment, including a 360-degree rotation as you walk around, close-ups of any notable flaws, and a demonstration of any notable features. 

We encourage you to follow these guides to create a great photo gallery and walkaround video for your horticultural equipment. If you need additional guidance or examples, please contact us.  

Thank you for choosing SecondBloom as your partner in showcasing your horticultural equipment to potential buyers. We are confident that these resources will help you achieve a successful sale.



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