Bundle of 6 Aquatec 5800 Series High-Efficiency Water Pumps – Santa Barbara Exclusive

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Presenting a bundle of 6 units of the Aquatec 5800 Series Pump – a top-tier solution for your water transfer and pressurization needs, available exclusively in Santa Barbara, California.

Key Features:

  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether you’re looking to draw water from a holding tank and pressurize it or boost pressure from a low-pressure source, these pumps have got you covered.
  • Operational Modes: Each pump can be operated in two distinct modes – demand mode, which is controlled by a pressure switch, or delivery mode, controlled by an external power switching device.
  • Integral Bypass: If there’s ever a need to limit pressure, each pump comes equipped with an integral bypass to ensure smooth operation.
  • 115V AC Transfer: Designed for efficient water transfer, these pumps operate on a 115V AC power source.
  • Push-to-Connect Fittings: For ease of use and quick setup, each pump features push-to-connect fittings, ensuring a secure and hassle-free connection.
  • Original Pricing: These premium pumps were originally priced at $521.04, offering you a chance to acquire high-quality products at a competitive rate.

This bundle of 6 units is located in Santa Barbara, California and is available for pickup only. The exact location will be disclosed to the winning bidder to ensure a seamless and secure transaction. Elevate your water transfer experience with the Aquatec 5800 Series Pumps, a blend of efficiency and reliability.

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Aquatec 5800 Series Pump (6 Units): Versatile 115V AC transfer pumps ideal for water pressurization and boosting. Each comes with push-to-connect fittings. Located in Santa Barbara, California for pickup only. Originally priced at $521.04.


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