Buying Horticultural Assets

Buying Horticultural Assets SMARTER FASTER CHEAPER

Once you’ve found an asset you’re interested in, here are the steps you should take to bid confidently and, with any luck, win the auction!

Register to Bid. To contact the seller directly and place bids, you must first register with a valid credit card and phone number. Winning bidders pay a 15% buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid amount.

Perform Due Diligence While we’ve tried to make buying horticultural assets online as safe and easy as possible, it’s ultimately your responsibility to perform your own due diligence and make sure that the asset you’re considering is right for you – prior to placing a bid. Review the listing thoroughly, including known flaws, recent maintenance, photos, etc.

  1.  Ask the seller – any questions that you may have about the asset. Arrange to inspect the asset in person, or work with the seller to schedule a pre-purchase inspection.
  2. Arrange Logistics To ensure a smooth transaction, you should have the following organized prior to placing a bid.
  3. Discuss transportation and storage timelines (if applicable) with the seller, and if you’ll be shipping the asset, get a shipping quote in advance.
  4.  Bid We’ve made bidding easy – if you win, your card will be charged and we will pay the seller directly for the asset. Bids are binding, so only bid if you fully intend to purchase the asset and you have performed the requisite due diligence, because you might end up as the high bidder and there are no refunds.
  5. Win the Auction To buy an asset on SecondBloom Auctions, you must win the auction by ultimately being the highest bidder – and, if the auction has a “Reserve,” by placing a bid that meets or exceeds the seller’s hidden “Reserve” price. If the auction has “No Reserve,” then the highest bidder wins it regardless of the amount they bid




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