Cole-Parmer pH/ORP/Temperature 1/8-DIN Controller and Transmitter


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Automatic buffer recognition for quicker setup
  • Backlight LCD for clear measurement display
  • Automatic buffer recognition of US and NIST buffers
  • Universal power supply input from 100 to 240VAC
  • Easy-to-install 1/8-DIN compact plastic casing
Cole-Parmer pH/ORP controllers offer features found in more expensive models. Automatic buffer recognition, absolute and relative ORP measurements, and automatic temperature compensation ensure measurement accuracy. Models with two sets of programmable on/off relays are ideal for high/low control to activate an alarm, a pump, or another device. Models with an isolated 4-20 mA output signal are suitable for opening valves and pacing pumps. ATC element is user selectable, 10K NTC or 1000 Ohm RTD. Order 56105-60 BNC-to-Stripped Wire Adapter for easy connections on terminal strip on back of controller.
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