Philips GreenPower LED Horticulture Lights (500 lights)


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The Philips GreenPower LED production module is robust and waterproof.  It’s easy to install with integrated driver (110V).

Application Areas:

Multilayer plant production, potted plants and young plants

Conditioned environments including climate chambers and plant production units

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The GreenPower LED production module is for multilayer applications (25-400 umol/s/m2) that can place conventional fluorescent lighting (32-54 watt T8/T5-HO lamps).  The module are 5′ and have a deep red / blue spectrum that run on 110V.  They draw 43 watts each.  Items have been used in commercial vertical farm.

Auction includes 500 Lights

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Philips GreenPower Production Module Gen 1 Guide


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