Proseal GTR 2017: Discounted High-Performance Tray Sealing


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Proseal GTR 2017: Discounted High-Performance Tray Sealing 

Located near Rochester, NY, our 2017 Proseal GTR tray sealing machine is an exceptional opportunity for greenhouse growers and vertical farm operators. This discounted, as-is, semi-automatic, two-station, rotary-table machine is tailored for the agriculture industry, offering high performance at an affordable price.

Optimized for Your Agricultural Needs: Designed for high-volume production, this 2017 model can seal up to 30 atmospheric packs per minute with a 2 impression tool. It accommodates a variety of tray sizes with an inside diameter of the dies at approximately 5 13/16 by 7 14/16 inches. It’s been tested and proven with plastic trays featuring an outside lip of 6 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches, ensuring broad compatibility for greenhouses and vertical farms.

Efficiency and Portability: The Proseal GTR is not only fully portable but also features an automatic film-feed system for continuous operation. Its user-friendly interface ensures ultra-reliable performance and easy operation, essential for maintaining a fast-paced agricultural environment.

2017 Model at a Discounted Rate: Offered at a discounted rate, this 2017 Proseal GTR represents a valuable investment for those looking to enhance their packaging process without the expense of a brand-new unit. Located near Rochester, NY, the exact location will be provided to the winning bidder at the auction’s end.

For more detailed information or technical inquiries, please contact us. Don’t miss this chance to own a high-quality sealing solution at a fraction of the cost.

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Upgrade your greenhouse or vertical farm’s packaging efficiency with our discounted 2017 Proseal GTR. Located near Rochester, NY, this semi-automatic, two-station, rotary-table tray sealing machine is sold as-is. Capable of up to 30 atmospheric packs per minute and fully portable with automatic film-feed, it’s a reliable, easy-to-operate solution for fast-paced agricultural environments. The exact buyer location will be disclosed to the winning bidder, offering a high-quality, affordable solution for your packaging needs.


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