Complete Vertical Farming Setup from Oasis Biotech – $9.6M MSRP Value

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Presenting an exclusive opportunity to acquire a comprehensive vertical farming equipment package, meticulously assembled from the renowned Oasis Biotech facility in Las Vegas. This package provides everything you need to establish or expand your indoor farming operation, down to the finest details.

Water Tanks: The package encompasses an array of water tanks designed to meet various requirements. It includes 2 cone-bottom vertical water tanks with an impressive 9,000-gallon capacity, 6 flat-bottom vertical water tanks each holding 6,000 gallons, and an additional 2 cone-bottom vertical tanks, each with a substantial 6,500-gallon capacity. Additionally, there is a single cone-bottom vertical water tank with a capacity of 3,000 gallons. These tanks form the core of your water management system.

  • Cone Bottom Vertical Water Tanks (2): $19,342 each
  • Flat Bottom Vertical Water Tanks (6): $10,833 each
  • Cone Bottom Vertical Water Tanks (2): $25,595 each
  • Cone Bottom Vertical Water Tanks (1): $4,700

Water Tank Stands: To ensure structural integrity and maximize space, the package features 11 robust water tank stands, meticulously designed to securely accommodate your vertical water tanks. Cost per unit: $7,709.

UV Filtration Tanks: A set of 6 UV filtration tanks, each boasting a generous 750-gallon capacity, ensures impeccable water purification. Cost per unit: $1,500.

LED Lights: Lighting is paramount in vertical farming, and this package delivers with 1,500 LED lights specifically crafted for growing vertical panels. Cost per unit: $400.

Trays: Cultivate baby leaf crops efficiently with an impressive collection of trays. The package includes 8,483 white trays (measuring 92x33x62 cm) with a cost per unit of $140, 8,483 grow raft white baby leaf trays, 900 blue baby leaf tray holders (measuring 67.5x29x55 cm) with a cost per unit of $120, 13,320 black trays at $10 each, and 12,000 blue trays at $6 each.

Legs: Maintain structural stability with 14,876 grey legs, each associated with part number M1-A-04-271, at a cost per unit of $20, and 2,780 grey leg footings at $20 each.

Additional Equipment: The offering extends to other essential components, including 18 Baldor-Reliants gold pumps at $2,200 each, 3 Bluffton powder blue pumps at $2,300 each, 7 Soldo black pumps at $700 each, and 6 artificial climate incubators with double chambers (model LRH-1000-JB) at $16,678 each.

Climate Control System: A Nebula Fertigation Manager, a sophisticated climate control system equipped with 12 pumps, ensures precise management of environmental conditions to optimize crop growth. Cost: $60,000.

Reverse Osmosis Systems: The package incorporates two advanced reverse osmosis systems, each equipped with their respective tanks. One system offers an impressive 25 GPM capacity at $50,000, while the other delivers 15 GPM with 2 tanks at $40,000.

Dosing Systems: A variety of dosing systems offer meticulous control over water quality. These include dicloranation, anti-scalant, ultra filtration, prechlorination, UF CIP, acid dosing, anti-scalant dosing, alkaline dosing, and oxidant dosing systems, each with its respective cost.

Activated Carbon Filter Tanks: Three 36-inch activated carbon filter tanks (model ACF-101) contribute significantly to water purification, priced at $1,000 each.

Control Panels and Transformer: Ensure seamless operation with 2 tank room control panels (compatible with 120/208 volts) at $10,000 each and a V48M28T7516 transformer (model V75DA001) at $1,500.

Pumps: The package is equipped with an extensive array of pumps to guarantee efficient water circulation, each with its respective cost.

Air Conditioning Units: Regulate the indoor climate with an American Standard 10-ton A/C unit priced at $15,500.

UV Filtration with Enclosure: Six UV filtration systems, all operating at 480 volts and featuring Type 1 enclosures from Smith Engineering, are integral components of this package, priced at $15,000 each.

Drain Components: The package includes 668 drain grey legs at $20 each and 1,336 bottom drain pans meticulously designed to suit the SananBio grow module at $150 each.

This meticulously curated package, estimated to hold a total MSRP value of $9,617,745, represents a truly exceptional opportunity to acquire a turnkey vertical farming solution. Whether you are an experienced farmer or an aspiring entrepreneur, this comprehensive package provides the foundation for a highly successful indoor farming venture. Every essential detail has been taken into account to ensure a smooth transition to a thriving vertical farming operation. Do not miss out on this exclusive chance to acquire top-tier equipment for your agricultural ambitions!

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Elevate Your Farming Game: Comprehensive Oasis Biotech Vertical Farm Package Worth $9.6M, Yours at Auction!


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