Complete CropKing Hydroponic Growing Equipment with Water Wall System Near Lexington, KY

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Elevate Your Horticulture with Advanced Hydroponic Equipment

Dive into the future of farming with our comprehensive Complete Hydroponic Growing Equipment complemented by a state-of-the-art Water Wall System for cooling. This system allows you to cultivate over 2,000 plants at once, revolutionizing your production capabilities and ensuring a thriving growth environment.

About the Hydroponic System: Sourced from the renowned Crop King in Ohio, this equipment is the epitome of agricultural innovation. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, it provides you with the tools to boost your yield and streamline your operations.

Innovative Water Wall Cooling System: Purchased from Greenhouse Warehouse, the Water Wall System is an integral component of this setup. It maintains optimal conditions within your growing environment, ensuring your plants are healthy and productive.

Location and Condition: Positioned near Lexington, Kentucky, the unit is ready for its new owner. Please be aware that the equipment is sold as-is. Upon winning the auction, the exact location will be disclosed to you.

Interested in More Details? For those seeking additional information or requiring technical details, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our team is ready to assist you with any queries you may have.

Take this opportunity to transform your agricultural practice with our Hydroponic Growing Equipment and Water Wall System. Bid now and step into the future of farming!

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Advanced Hydroponic Growing Equipment with Cooling System

Transform your farming with our Complete Hydroponic Growing Equipment and Water Wall System. Ideal for growing over 2,000 plants, this setup sourced from Crop King and Greenhouse Warehouse ensures your crops flourish. Located near Lexington, Kentucky, and sold as-is, it’s an essential for any controlled environment agriculturalist. Interested in more details or technical information? Contact us at [email protected].


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