2005 Dresser Rand Steam Turbine Generator Set for Sale – Exceptional Value and Performance

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Overview: On offer is a 2005-vintage Dresser Rand steam turbine generator set, boasting a 6,957 kw capacity. This package includes a Flender reduction gearbox and a GE 4 pole, synchronous generator. Originating operations in 2007, it was used only until 2009 and has since been impeccably maintained. Despite its limited use, the unit remains in excellent condition, mirroring the quality and features of modern steam path components.

Location and Availability: The unit is currently housed at the former Menasha Utilities plant in Menasha, Wisconsin. It presents a rare opportunity to acquire high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new machinery. It is available immediately, ensuring no wait time for installation.

Cost Efficiency: Purchasing a similar new unit would cost approximately $3,500,000 and entail a 10-12 month waiting period. In stark contrast, this unit not only offers immediate availability but also represents significant financial savings.

Performance Metrics: With a tested efficiency rate of 74.5% at its maximum output, this unit falls in line with the expected performance of modern, non-condensing steam turbines. It’s noteworthy that even new units would not significantly outperform this model, making it an economically wise choice.

Reliability: The unit has surpassed its initial formative years, which often see higher failure rates. Given its brief operational history and the typical 25-30 year lifespan of such equipment, this turbine generator is expected to have enhanced reliability compared to new units.

Additional Services: For a nominal fee, the current owner offers to facilitate the removal and loading of the equipment onto your transport, simplifying the process of integrating this unit into your operations.

Ideal For: This steam turbine generator set is perfect for businesses seeking immediate, reliable, and cost-effective power generation solutions. It offers a unique blend of performance, reliability, and value, making it a prudent choice over purchasing new equipment.

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For sale: 2005 Dresser Rand steam turbine generator set, 6,957 kw, with a Flender reduction gearbox and GE 4 pole synchronous generator. Only operated from 2007 to 2009, this well-maintained unit is in excellent condition. Located in WI, it’s available immediately. The unit offers high efficiency and reliability, comparable to new models but at a significantly lower cost. Ideal for buyers seeking a cost-effective and immediate power generation solution.


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