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Unveiling the Fluence RAY 44, a superior LED lighting solution perfect for greenhouse cultivations or indoor vertical farms, particularly within the Tri-State Area. Designed to provide meticulous light distribution, this system is instrumental in fostering plant vitality and maximizing yields in a professional horticultural environment.

The Fluence RAY 44 is specially curated for the complexities of large-scale greenhouse operations and the precision required in vertically stacked indoor farming. The included fixtures feature high-end LEDs that ensure uniform lighting, a vital component for energy efficiency and the sustained health of your crops.

These lighting solutions come with IP55-rated power drivers, making them robust against the challenging climates of the Tri-State Area. The power cords and extenders are resilient and versatile, ensuring a dependable lighting setup for intensive agricultural endeavors.

Upon the auction’s closure, the winning bidder’s location will be specified, emphasizing our dedicated service to the Tri-State Area’s growers. The package offers everything needed for a flourishing greenhouse or indoor farm: light fixtures, power drivers, power cords, and extenders.

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The Fluence RAY 44, now open for auction in the Tri-State Area, is engineered for greenhouses and indoor vertical farms, ensuring optimal growth and yield across all crop stages. This robust system includes energy-saving LEDs, IP55-rated power drivers, and sturdy power extenders. Winning bidder location details to be provided after the auction. Trust in the Fluence RAY 44 for advanced agricultural productivity.


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