Welcome to SecondBloom Auctions, where we showcase the innovative world of Fluence Lighting. As a leading brand in the horticultural LED lighting industry, Fluence Lighting offers cutting-edge solutions for controlled environment agriculture. Please note that while Fluence Lighting does not sell directly on our platform, their products are available through our network of vendors.

About Fluence Lighting:

Headquartered in Austin, Texas: Fluence Lighting is known for its pioneering role in the horticulture industry.

Innovative Horticultural Solutions: Committed to improving the interaction between light and life, Fluence creates advanced lighting solutions, fostering a healthier and more sustainable world.

Global Reach and Expertise: With a global presence and a team of experts, Fluence supports a wide array of agricultural needs, enhancing crop production worldwide.

Values and Vision: Fluence operates on the core values of curiosity, integrity, service, and passion, aiming to help the world grow smarter with its lighting technologies.

Contact Information:
For more information about Fluence Lighting products:

Address: 4129 Commercial Center Drive, Suite 450, Austin, TX 78744
Phone Number: (512) 580-4712
Email: Inquiries can be made through their website’s contact form.

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Our platform offers a diverse range of Fluence Lighting products, available through various vendors. Whether you are a commercial grower or a research scientist, Fluence’s advanced LED lighting technology can revolutionize your cultivation practices.

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