6.88-Acre GLASS VENLO Greenhouse, Never Assembled – Located in New York

Original price was: $18,000,000.00.Current price is: $8,000,000.00.

Product Overview:

  • Item: HAVECON GLASS VENLO Greenhouse
  • Initial Valuation: Over $18 million
  • Design: Dutch-engineered, advanced controlled environment agriculture technology

Description: At SecondBloom Auctions, we’re proud to present a remarkable asset in the controlled environment agriculture sector. This premium HAVECON GLASS VENLO Greenhouse, known for its Dutch precision and cutting-edge technology, was initially valued at over $18 million. It stands as a testament to high-end agricultural innovation and design.

Background Story: Previously owned by a major player in the Canadian cannabis industry, this facility’s availability stems from an unexpected turn in the financial landscape.

Greenhouse Framework:

  • Total Coverage: 300,000 sqft, encompassing over 6.88 acres of state-of-the-art growing space.
  • Bay Configurations: Modular design with 42’ widths x 14’ long gutter sections, adjustable for various production needs.
  • Gutter Height: 21 feet, facilitating various crop selections.

Glass and Cladding Components

  • Diffused Glass for Roof:
    • Type: Tempered diffuse glass haze 70 with AR (Anti-Reflective) treatment.
    • Light Transmission Features:
      • Perpendicular Light Transmission: 97%
      • Hemispherical Light Transmission: 87%
      • Haze Factor: 70%
    • Specifications: Tempered roofing diffuse glass of approximately 1689 × 1333 mm, with a thickness ranging from 3.8 to 4.2 mm.
    • Purpose: This high-performance glass ensures maximum light transmission, which is critical for plant growth, and its haze factor optimizes the diffusion of light.
  • Insulated Polycarbonate Panels:
    • Coverage: 120,000 sqft of polycarbonate cladding.
    • Height: Reaches up to 21 feet.
    • Function: These panels promote even light distribution and are instrumental in isolating different strains within the growing space, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the greenhouse.

Gutter System:

  • Composition: High-quality aluminum gutters (AB 21062) designed for both single and double bays.

Insulation and Paneling:

  • Metal Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels: 100K sqft valued at $750K, providing R-11 insulation for exterior walls and internal spaces.
  • Insulated Metal Roofing Panels: 30,000 sqft for delineating manufacturing areas within the greenhouse framework.

Structural Integrity and Accessibility:

  • Rainwater Management: A comprehensive discharge system with PVC SN 4 pipes, meticulously calculated for efficient water management.
  • Insulated Gable Panels: Includes a variety of end gables and sidewalls with varying thickness, some offering flame retardancy, to maintain internal climate control and energy efficiency.

Financial Advantages:

  • Exceptional material cost savings.
  • Design focused on low operational costs per square foot.
  • Turnkey architectural drawings and automation packages ready for swift installation.

Installation Services:

To ensure swift and proper assembly of the expansive 300,000 sqft greenhouse system, full installation services are available but are not included in this offer.

Please let us know if you need any additional details on the installation services and cost estimates. We aim to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Logistics and Availability:

  • All materials and equipment are currently housed in the Northeast, ready for immediate shipment and assembly.
  • Potential buyers are welcome to inspect over 1.0M sqft of this greenhouse design installed.

Exclusions in the Price Offer While the greenhouse offers substantial value, it’s important for potential buyers to be aware of what is not included in the asking price:

Excludes construction, import duties, ground works, taxes, insurance, utilities during construction, commissioning utilities, site insurance, civil and foundation works, waste management, storage and handling, additional construction elements, and delivery of materials not in the offer.

Inspection and Demonstration

  • Availability for Inspection: Potential buyers are invited to inspect the greenhouse, offering a first-hand view of its design and construction quality. This opportunity provides insights into the greenhouse’s structural integrity and overall functionality.
  • Demonstration Site: Over 1.0M sqft of this greenhouse design is currently installed and operational. The site serves as a live demonstration of the greenhouse’s capabilities, showcasing its advanced technology, efficient space utilization, and effectiveness in controlled environment agriculture.
  • Location of Inspection Site: The demonstration greenhouse is conveniently located, allowing potential buyers to experience the setup and operation.
  • Scheduling Visits: Visits can be arranged by contacting our sales team, who will provide a guided tour of the facility, detailed explanations of the greenhouse’s features, and answers to any technical questions.

Closing Remarks: This greenhouse, through SecondBloom Auctions, offers an exceptional opportunity for those in the controlled environment agriculture industry, ready for immediate transition from purchase to production. Contact us for a detailed tour or further information.

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Introducing the epitome of horticultural excellence: the GLASS VENLO Greenhouse. This Dutch-engineered facility extends over 6.88 acres, equipped with 300,000 sqft of technologically advanced greenhouse space. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, it features high light-transmitting diffused glass, a 21’ gutter height for extensive vertical growing, and fortified construction for extreme weather resilience. Valued originally at $18M.


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