Pre-owned Commercial ZipGrow Indoor Hydroponic Farming System Auction Lot Located near Flint Michigan


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Embark on or expand your indoor farming journey with this meticulously maintained pre-owned ZipGrow Indoor Hydroponic Farming System Auction Lot. This 2-year old system, originally retailing for over $165,000, presents a complete indoor farming solution, fitting perfectly within a 1,500 square foot room, and comes with an extensive range of essential equipment to kickstart a prosperous indoor agriculture operation.

The system comprises:

  1. Lighting:
    • Two light racks equipped with double-sided/single lights, totaling 48 single-sided LED lights.
    • One light rack with double-sided lights, featuring 88 double-sided LED lights, ensuring optimal light distribution for plant growth.
  2. Growing Area:
    • Fifteen zip racks complete with towers, providing a total of 300 individual growing spaces to maximize production in a compact area.
  3. Water Treatment:
    • A Stealth 300 reverse osmosis system with a capacity of 300 gallons per day, ensuring a pure water supply for healthy plant growth.
  4. Climate Control:
    • Two climate control systems equipped with CO2 generators (electric + gas), creating an ideal growing environment.
    • Fifteen in-line plumbing per rack to ensure a consistent water supply.
  5. Seedling Area:
    • A seedling starter area equipped with a light rack featuring three-tier seed starters with three lights per tier, providing a nurturing environment for young plants.
  6. Humidity Management:
    • One dehumidification package to maintain the desired humidity levels.
  7. Air Circulation:
    • Three oscillating fans to ensure proper air circulation within the growing area.
  8. Packaging:
    • An impulse sealer with a cutter for efficient packaging and handling of produce.

All equipment is sold as-is and is located near Flint, Michigan, with location details to be provided to the winning bidder post-auction. This auction lot is a gateway to owning a well-equipped indoor farming system at a substantial saving, ready to fuel your agricultural aspirations with a proven hydroponic setup.

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Seize the opportunity to own a pre-owned commercial ZipGrow Indoor Hydroponic Farming System, ideal for a 1,500 square foot space, offering a comprehensive setup for a thriving indoor farming venture at a fraction of its retail value.


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