Welcoming Jim Pantaleo: A New Era for SecondBloom Auctions and Sustainable Agriculture

We are thrilled to share an exciting development in the journey of SecondBloom Auctions, a pivotal moment that marks the beginning of a new chapter in our mission to revolutionize the agricultural auction sector. It is with great pleasure that we announce Jim Pantaleo’s appointment as our Business Development Director for Auctions, specializing in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Vertical Farming.

Jim Pantaleo, a seasoned veteran with over two decades of experience in software licensing and more than nine years of deep-seated expertise in controlled environment agriculture, joins us to steer our expansion into the innovative realms of CEA and vertical farming. His illustrious career, highlighted by his significant contributions to the Global Controlled Environment Agriculture Consortium (GCEAC), positions Jim as an invaluable asset to the SecondBloom team and the broader agricultural community.

Our CEO has expressed immense confidence in Jim’s capabilities, noting, “Jim’s extensive experience, coupled with his visionary approach to indoor and urban agriculture, aligns perfectly with SecondBloom’s mission. His proven track record of leadership and innovation in controlled environment agriculture will be instrumental in driving our auction platform to new heights, making sustainable and high-tech farming solutions more accessible.”

Jim’s advocacy for sustainable farming practices and his leadership roles in various industry conferences and consortiums have not only earned him widespread recognition but also respect in the field. His commitment to advancing the discourse on indoor vertical farming, water conservation,

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